To say that the headquarters of the Acworth Police Department (APD) was small and outdated would be grossly understating the challenges the old facility created for department personnel.

Since 1995, the APD has served the Acworth community from a converted cabinet shop, whose 5,000 square feet were ill suited for a modern police headquarters. And so, “by the grace of God and the blessing of the taxpayers,” according to Police Chief Wayne Dennard, the department moved into a beautiful new facility, designed by CROFT, and optimized for the staff and the public safety services they provide. 

The previous headquarters building weathered multiple renovations, as APD tried to accommodate a growing workforce and the routine operations of a 21st century police department. Closets became offices, and offices assumed double and sometimes triple occupancy. Space limitations were beginning to threaten the delivery of services, when the City of Acworth finally accepted that a new headquarters was the only way to move forward. 

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Our work with CROFT has felt more like a partnership than a contractual agreement. Early on it was evident that the architects and engineers at CROFT were not only listening, but understanding our needs.
— Wayne Dennard - Police Chief, City of Acworth

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