CROFT, an award-winning, national Architecture, Engineering, and Program Management firm acquires Seven Springs Architecture, Inc.

CROFT is pleased to announce the acquisition of Seven Springs Architecture, Inc., an architecture and project management firm.  “Seven Springs Architecture and its Owner, Grant Rainwater, have been long time strategic partners of ours, enhancing the success of CROFT’s design, engineering and management pursuits,” stated Jim Croft, President and Founder of CROFT.  “We thought the timing was right to bring the two firms together; the synergy will significantly enhance our opportunities to better serve our clients, which is always our number one focus. We are dedicated to serving our clients and creating sustainable solutions that capture each client’s vision while serving our people and our community.”

Grant Rainwater, RA, Owner of Seven Springs Architecture, Inc., brings more than 20 years delivering exceptional experience to clients creating solutions that exceed client expectations.  “Seven Springs Architecture, Inc., has been thriving and when approached by Jim and the CROFT team about the opportunity to join forces, I could not have been more excited to make that a reality.  CROFT has the same values and business philosophy and together, we will strengthen our market position which will lead to growth in market share.”

Seven Springs Architecture, Inc. will relocate its staff to the CROFT Headquarters office in Kennesaw, located at 3400 Blue Springs Road, NW, Kennesaw, Georgia, 30144.


CROFT was founded in 2004, and is an award-winning, national, multi-disciplinary architecture, engineering, and program management firm that serves clients in diverse public and private sectors. Licensed in 42 states, CROFT currently has active projects around the world. The CROFT mission is to serve clients with excellence, create an environment of growth for its team, and manage the company as trustworthy stewards.

CROFT has a new teammate - Meet Brian


CROFT is excited to announce that Brian O’Malley
has joined our team as Program Manager. 

He is a proud veteran and business owner with impeccable integrity and leadership skills.  A few areas of his expertise are Team Building, Cost Control & Analysis, Process Creation & Implementation and Employee Relations.

Brian comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of Architecture and Management and over 30 years of experience. 
As Program Manager with CROFT, Brian will work with Business Development, Revenues and Profitability associated with a specific client sector and / or a specific program for clients. 

O’Malley holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Operations Analysis from the United States Naval Academy and served as a Naval Aviator.  While at the Academy, he was also the honored recipient of the “Admiral Calvert Award” which is awarded by all Navy Coaches to the top graduating Midshipman for achieving excellence in the Naval Academy’s mission of leadership, academics and athletics.

Charles C. Tyner Memorial Scholarship Winners

CROFT offered an architecture/engineering scholarship to help graduating students pay for college. The requirements were to be a high school senior, plans to attend college, must exemplify passion for architecture or drafting, have a strong work ethic and a desire to serve others. We also asked for a portfolio and a 3-5 paragraphs essay explaining how architecture has inspired the student and their career aspirations. After careful consideration, we chose two winners from two high schools. They are: Madeline Rae Bumgardner from Calhoun High School and Autumn Larkins from North Cobb High School.


Madeline Rae Bumgardner

Madeline is an aspiring engineer. She does not know which path in engineering she will take but her aspiration is to design and create a world that improves life for generations. She wants to be a role model and inspire young woman to enjoy science and math and have a desire to build and expand their knowledge. She is interested in biological engineering with emphasis in biomedical, after seeing a prosthetic leg that had been crated while she was visiting a university. She says engineers aspire greatness in society and they save lies. Madeline comes from a family of plan desginers, general contracts and engineers.

Autumn Larkins

Autumn applied to Ball State University as a first year Architecture major and is now enrolled in their Fall 2018 class. She says architecture is part of her life and both of her grandparents were involved in construction. Her goal in life is to become a part of, and eventually lead, a team of architects, construction workers, and engineers that focus on rebuilding improved version of residential and commercial buildings that were demolished during natural disasters.

Oak veneer reclaimed from old beams became new artwork frames!

Kara Cable at Cat’s Meow framed and installed 25 units in the new cabins at Indian Springs State Park in Flovilla, GA. She said that "Lovely oak veneer reclaimed from old beams had the perfect character for this work". We really love how it turned out and it was pleasure to work with Cat's Meow and Georgia DNR. The frames will show case old black and white photos from the region.

Krystyna's Retirement Party

Last week, employees and friends gathered together to celebrate the retirement of our beloved Krystyna Bukowiecki. After over 10 years at CROFT Krystyna has moved on to a new journey. She hates to call this a retirement event as she is just as busy as before :)

We couldn’t be more happy for Krystyna, or more proud of all she has accomplished in her life. More than anything, we could see through the guests that attended the party how many lives she has touched and what an impact she has made. Krysytna is already greatly missed and we want to wish her the very best in 2018 and beyond!


7 things about Krystyna:

  1. She made a difference at
    CROFT with her presence
  2. She made us better
  3. She taught us with patience
  4. She encourages us with
    a great attitude
  5. She blessed us with grace
    in her words
  6. She finished strong
  7. We love her!

YANMAR Energy System’s Open House

On March 28th, YANMAR Energy Systems hosted an open house with a presentation of their Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. Miles Johnson, mechanical engineer from CROFT who worked on the design of the YANMAR EVO//CENTER took part in the presentation, showing what benefits you get when using these engine operated, natural gas heating and air system. 

Miles Johnson, PE

Miles Johnson, PE

YANMAR’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by clean natural gas or propane, to produce both heat and electric power. The unit efficiently utilizes up to 88% of the fuel burn versus 33% burn rate of conventional, from-the-grid sources.

Using a natural gas-powered engine to drive dual scroll compressors, YANMAR’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pump can maintain powerful heating performance, even with low outdoor temperatures, by capturing heat off the unit’s engine to increase efficiency. Not only do VRF units withstand some of the toughest temperatures, they do it with supreme efficiency. The cost of operating the compressor in our outdoor units is 1/10 the cost of that of a standard electric system, resulting in hundreds to thousands of dollars of savings in electricity costs.

New facility that brings Lawrenceville public works departments into one building in now opened!

The City of Lawrenceville had its ribbon-cutting for its new, $20 million Public Works Facility on February 12th at 435 West Pike St. The 122 employees from the city’s gas, electric, damage prevention, fleet maintenance, streets and sanitation departments will now all be working at this one location.

The 66,000 SF facility includes three buildings, a mezzanine space and additional capacity for future growth if needed.

CROFT Office Walls

If you have been to our office before you know how full of color and cheerful the inside is. With that said, CROFT employees can not help but to be sometimes dress in the colors of the CROFT walls! Whether accidental or not, we are really having fun with it.

Crop Photo.JPG

Watch our office video below but be cautious, it has a very relaxing soundtrack.

CROFT Pumpkin Decorating Contest

As part of CROFTober in the office, we thought it would be fun to have a pumpkin decorating contest. Rules were easy, everyone got one small pumpkin, a week to decorate and was not able to use any additional pumpkins. We were initially going to only have one winner but with such a fun turn out, we decided to have three winners!