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Last week, employees and friends gathered together to celebrate the retirement of our beloved Krystyna Bukowiecki. After over 10 years at CROFT Krystyna has moved on to a new journey. She hates to call this a retirement event as she is just as busy as before 🙂

We couldn’t be more happy for Krystyna, or more proud of all she has accomplished in her life. More than anything, we could see through the guests that attended the party how many lives she has touched and what an impact she has made. Krysytna is already greatly missed and we want to wish her the very best in 2018 and beyond!


7 things about Krystyna:

  1. She made a difference at
    CROFT with her presence
  2. She made us better
  3. She taught us with patience
  4. She encourages us with
    a great attitude
  5. She blessed us with grace
    in her words
  6. She finished strong
  7. We love her!