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Last Friday Croft sent almost 100 individuals from around the community, including some of our own staff, to the Leadercast Live-Cast event at Piedmont Church where they spent the day hearing from leaders in various fields. The key speakers included Andy Stanley, Kat Cole, James Brown, Nick Saben, Chris Barez-Brown, Dr. Henry Cloud, Steve Wozniak and Rorke Denver. The topic “Architects of Tomorrow”  was covered from multiple angles including:

  • leading others through clarity
  • focusing on what is small enough to change, but big enough to matter
  • accomplishing depth before height
  • working by investing time, not spending time
  • getting yourself off auto-pilot to you have the capacity to lead
  • realizing the “power of the other” and
  • living without a safety net

Attendees left feeling fueled and inspired to enter into their homes, jobs, relationships and community ready to be a leader in some way. If you were in attendance please share what you have learned with others, so the impact of this event can continue to spread. If you were not able to attend and would like to next year, please let us know! We are always on the lookout for individuals we can sponsor to attend next year. Thank you Leadercast for another wonderful event!