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The World’s largest one-day leadership conference simulcast took place on May 5th and we were so happy to be part of it. We were sponsoring the simulcast from Piedmont Church in Marietta. Over 250 people attended at this location and I am sure everyone was inspired just as we were. This year’s theme was “Powered by Purpose.” Purpose is what defines us, drives us and empowers us. It is the glue for an organization and the fuel for an individual. 
The conference allowed the attendees to discover the steps they can take to uncover their purpose, to reconnect to their organization’s “why,” to attract and engage the right people for your efforts and to thrive as a team.

Proceeds from Leadercast Marietta will go to support a scholarship fund for GRACEPOINT School. GRACEPOINT is a local private Christian school dedicated to equipping dyslexic students with the skills needed to develop into independent and confident learners, through sequential, systematic and multi sensory instruction.

Leadercast had a great agenda this year on Powered by Purpose, and a diverse slate of speakers to cover it from leadership expert and best-selling author, Suzy Welch to producer and actor, Tyler Perry. Each speaker has been selected to help with your journey towards becoming a better leader.