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Curious about these blocks of wood? So were we on Friday morning.

Jim told us the previous Friday that there would be a contest and the winner could win $100. The rules? We just had to be at the next Friday morning meeting for a chance to win. Sounded simple and easy to the rest of us!

It was Friday morning and Jim had these blocks situated on the conference room table. We all had the opportunity to guess what the blocks were. Guesses included a city, a maze, church choir, etc. It took some abstract thinking and a few guesses which Jim deemed as “close” and finally Anthony made the correct guess! Each block represented one of us at Croft and they each measured how many days each of us had been here at Croft!

Jim crafted each of these blocks out of wood he had in his workshop. We decided to display them together in the lobby. Each piece individually appears to just be a block of wood, but when placed together, they create a beautiful composition just in the way each of us is part of the Croft family.