Recently retired educators Laura Perkins and Esterine Stokes dreamed of creating a new school for their central Georgia community. They envisioned a school founded on the basics of rigor, structure, and discipline; an environment in which teachers could teach and students could learn.

Although well equipped to design the school’s curriculum and culture, Perkins and Stokes had no experience with finding real estate, obtaining funding, or designing a school from the ground up. 

Partnering with CROFT has enabled these career educators to turn their educational vision into reality by founding the Academy for Classical Education.

ACE was the first charter school to launch in middle Georgia. The school opened its doors with an initial class of 760 students in grades K-8. Within a few years of opening, and with over 1,600 students enrolled, ACE now serves students through the tenth grade.

With its language-focused, Classical Education based curriculum, and a focus on teacher and student accountability, ACE is one of the fastest growing and most successful charter schools in Georgia.  

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CROFT listened to what we wanted in the school. The team helped us understand our choices, and assembled a team who could navigate us through this entire process. From conception through construction, CROFT has been instrumental in bringing ACE to life.
— Laura Perkins, Principle, ACE

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