Mount Paran North Church of God

  • Location | Marietta, GA
  • Owner | Mt. Paran North Church of God

Mt. Paran North Church of God was in great need for improving their sanctuary and updating the…

Mt. Paran North Church of God was in great need for improving their sanctuary and updating the character throughout. The sanctuary space had been remodeled in the past, primarily to improve sight lines to the stage from their existing massive balcony. The existing balcony was not functional, not typically utilized and was more of an obstruction to the overall space. Achieving a unified corporate worship experience from both levels was very challenging. The solution was to remove the balcony, lower the stage and provide stadium seating at the back of the space. The space now felt whole and not divided. Providing the stadium seating allowed for the existing narrow corridor to turn into a much wider pre-function space with soft seating.

This theme of more hospitality opportunities was the main concept for the church. The church needed more space for gathering with fellow believers prior to and after the service. To fully accommodate this need, a small addition of 4,000 SF was added off the main foyer for more soft seating and fellowship; flexible to be used by different ministries as a multipurpose space. This new space, with a beautiful focal point of a stone fireplace, also spilled out to a new plaza for outdoor activities, which includes a fire pit and more soft seating.

In addition to the new interior updated character, the exterior was transformed by painting the tired brick, adding new stonework, incorporating heavy timber detailing and a new identity tower that replaced the old, smaller, out-of-date steeple. From the front road, the experience was new and welcoming; the new building façade, new main entrances, including the children’s wing, and proceeding to the new sanctuary through the spacious corridors with opportunities to pause and fellowship brought new excitement and growth to the church.

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